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 Doggie Day Spa Rules and Policies

     Doggie Day Spa has my permission to do whatever it feels is appropriate for the well-being of my dog. Should Doggie Day Spa determine, at its sole discretion, that veterinary care is warranted, I agree to pay all associated fees and costs. If my dog’s veterinarian is not readily accessible, Doggie Day Spa is authorized to use a veterinarian of its choice.


     Doggie Day Spa will not be responsible for any conditions or problems discovered during grooming. Should veterinary care be necessary as a result of any services rendered by Doggie Day Spa, Doggie Day Spa must be notified within 48 hours of such care. Reimbursement for such care will be at the sole discretion of Doggie Day Spa.


     Doggie Day Spa will not be held responsible for clipper burn, minor nicks, or skin irritation resulting from grooming; nor will it be held responsible for stressful effects that grooming may have upon a geriatric or special needs pet.


     Doggie Day Spa shall not be held liable for any after-grooming effects of de-matting, clipping procedures, or problems uncovered on a badly matted or otherwise neglected coat including, but not limited to: itchiness, skin redness or self-inflicted irritations/abrasions from excessive external rubbing. I understand that time and costs associated with de-matting are unpredictable and subject to the particular condition of my dog; consequently, I agree to pay whatever fees are incurred as a result of de-matting. Determining whether a dog is “matted,” furthermore, is at the sole discrimination of Doggie Day Spa.


     Doggie Day Spa will not be held responsible for any sickness or injury caused by the pet to itself during grooming. Doggie Day Spa is not responsible for any accidental death of pet due to the nature of pre-existing health condition or natural disasters (fire, storm, flood, etc.).


     Doggie Day Spa reserves the right to refuse to groom any dog for the health and safety of the groomer and the dog. A soft muzzle may be used, or services discontinued or refused if Doggie Day Spa determines that a dog presents an unsafe condition. Such conditions include, but are not limited to: behavior issues, health problems, fleas or parasites.


     Doggie Day Spa shall not be held responsible for the disappearance of pet while services are being rendered, including, but not limited to, run-away, kidnap, etc.


     I agree to inform Doggie Day Spa prior to grooming if the dog has ever bitten any human or another dog, or if the dog has any aggressive tendencies whatsoever. I understand and agree that I will be held solely liable for any harm, injury, or property damage caused by my dog to any and all of Doggie Day Spa’s owner, staff, and properties.


     Doggie Day Spa shall not be held liable for the well-being of any and all pet owners, including, but not limited to, sickness, injury, death, etc., while on Doggie Day Spa properties.


     I agree to pay all costs for the grooming of the dog including, but not limited to, special handling requirements, de-matting, and fees due for missed appointments.


     I agree to give Doggie Day Spa a minimum of 24-hours notice of the scheduled grooming time for canceled appointments. I understand failure to do so will result in a $15.00 fee (emergencies will be considered on an individual basis). Repeat missed appointments may result in termination of future services provided by Doggie Day Spa.


     I agree to make sure my dog has relieved itself, and has taken any and all scheduled medications prior to grooming appointment time.

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